GH3 Advanced Antiaging formula helps preserve telomere length
on chromosomes to help
preserve your youth.

What are Telomeres?

Telomeres on the tips of your chromosomes are similar to the end caps on shoelaces. They protect the genetic information in your chromosomes and keep them from unraveling. Telomeres and aging are closely linked and many scientists believe that preserving or even extending telomeres may be a key factor in antiaging and preserving cell life.

Telomere Damage Leads to Aging

If telomeres become too short, the chromosome can unfold completely. The cell may detect this uncapping as DNA damage, which signals the cell to stop growing, age or die. Shortened telomeres are linked to signs of aging, such as:

GH3 Advanced Helps Preserve Telomere Length

GH3 Advanced is the only antiaging formula that helps preserve telomere length to slow the signs of aging. Maintenance of youth-preserving telomeres means that chromosomes will remain intact and produce more accurate copies of your cells!

  • Helps preserve telomere length on chromosomes